[A black door with a window showing white text that reads “ARTISTS SPACE” appears opaque with condensation, obscuring the interior view. A silhouette of a figure in motion can be seen through the obfuscated window.]
[A white interior window ledge displays black vinyl text that reads “THREAD VII [TOO WET]” on its surface. Behind the ledge are two window panes that appear opaque with condensation, obscuring the exterior view of the street. Black metal bars line the outside of the windows.]
[An exterior shot of the entrance to a brick building with a black double door and a 4 x 3 grid of windows above it. The black door on the left features a semi-opaque window, the bright interior obfuscated by the haziness of its pane. A blocky paragraph of white illegible text is pasted on the door to the right of the window.]