[A long, white continuous scroll of paper, viewed from below, is suspended from a white pole near the ceiling. Behind the hanging hardware and the suspended scroll is an opening to another room in the distance.]
[A long continuous scroll suspended from above and traverses two levels of the interior of a building. The upper level features a grey railing, and behind it a black couch, and projection above it, sits in a white-walled room with a wooden floor. The lower level reveals the warm hued concrete floor of an l-shaped hallway.]
[A long continuous scroll of blank paper drops down into a vestibule area surrounded by white walls and a series of concrete staircases spiraling downwards. A long shadow is cast from the long, white continuous scroll against the white wall.]
[A stack of blank paper sits on a speckled concrete floor. The top sheet of paper is pulled upwards from above, casting a shadow on the floor that extends to the bottom left edge of the image. Holes perforate two sides of the blank paper.]